All About Plants

S (My Mo’min Insha Allah) loves science. He chooses what he wants to learn about (the perks of homeschooling!), and takes a lot of interest in it. First it was the human body, next he became obsessed with the weather and then last month it was plants (currently it is the solar system, am going to post about that soon Insha Allah).

We began by reading about the topic. Mainly, we use two text books that we bought from a local bookstore. After discussing and reading all about plants I did a comparison activity with him, primarily to make him write something. He hates writing! But he did enjoy this, especially because he wanted to make drawings for each. We also visited the park in the evening to collect leaves from the different types of plants.

(You can click on the pictures to enlarge them)

The best science resource that I use these days is Mystery Science. In the following days we solved the Plant Adventures mysteries from that website. There were practical, interesting and simple lessons accompanied with hands-on activities that provided a great learning experience. We did them all but because we weren’t able to take care of our seedlings properly most of our projects failed.One of the successful ones was the root viewer activity which shows how roots always grow towards the bottom. The original activity used CD cases and radish seeds but since we did not have those we used beans and cassette covers.


After 3/4 weeks

A variation of the same activity can be found here.

As children we rote learned how ‘plants need water, sunlight and soil to grow’ but through these mysteries it was like actually seeing and experiencing this. No, I’m not being paid to write this. I just wish to share something beneficial with all. And the best thing about it is that it’s free (at least for this year) and you can sign up too. Just hop over to Even I myself have learnt a lot from it.

We also read about the different kinds of food that we obtain from plants and S made a poster to demonstrate.


And we also read an Urdu reader that went along with our plant theme. It is from Nahal series published by Flowers of Islam. S struggles with Urdu reading but Alhumdulillah he finds this one easy.




Later, when he went to Karachi in vacations he planted a few seeds there, watered them regularly and some did sprout! Here they are:







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