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Raising a Momin

I deliberated for well over an hour on the name of this blog and finally decided on ‘Raising a Mo’min’. I was reluctant to use this name at first because it sounded somewhat boastful, as if I’m claiming to be very pious and am raising a very pious person or something. I also considered ‘Raising a Muslim’ because that sounded more modest. However, ‘Raising a Mo’min’ is not a claim and can neither be. It is simply an aspiration, a hope and a responsibility. It is not what I have accomplished; it is simply what I wish to do.

I wish to raise my son as a ‘Mo’min’ ; someone who has that unwavering belief in Allah, the afterlife and the unseen that the Sahaba had; someone who practices Islam out of love for it; someone who feels homesick for Jannah and leads a life racing – not walking – but racing towards it. And of course while doing so, I wish to nurture, re-nurture and keep nurturing my own Imaan too (a struggle that continues till the last breath!).

We are nowhere near this goal. We are still struggling to surrender. The journey has just begun and it is full of tests and trials. At times we advance and grow and at times we slip and falter. However, each mistake teaches us a lesson – to advance and grow further. At times we become so tuned to the daily flow that our purpose and goals are clouded and take a back seat. But then a meeting with people of knowledge and faith reminds, re-nourishes and redirects to everything we deem vital for our journey in this world.

Numerous families all across the globe share this common goal of ‘together forever in Jannah’. We inspire and encourage each other and learn from each other. This is the very purpose of this blog; to share my experiences and and to learn from yours.

So, welcome aboard!

Let’s keep trotting this path…but with the oar of Dua in hand…for ultimately everything is in the hands of Allah! We pray to Him to rectify our mistakes, to accept our efforts and bloom them. We ask Allah to make us true Mo’mins, Ameen!

And…Jazak Allah Khair for stopping by!