Allah Al-Aleem – A Book Review

Before the construction of a skyscraper, engineers spend huge amounts of time on the planning, excavation process and building of the foundation. And I must say, raising children as staunch believers and devout Muslims requires much more elaborate thinking, hard work and foundation-building. The foundation that we strive to build in the hearts and minds of our little ones (and ourselves too!) is that of faith; we want to connect them to Allah, His Prophets, His angels, His books and the afterlife.

The book ‘Allah Al-Aleem’ is a super cute book which can help us in this respect. Through colorful illustrations and simple words it does the wonderful job of inculcating the love and recognition of Allah Almighty in little hearts. The author, Bint Abdul Hamid, has introduced children to the many aspects of Allah’s attribute ‘Al-Aleem’ (All Knowing). Furthermore, references to relevant Qur’anic verses have been given at the bottom of the pages which can be used by parents/teachers to further the discussion about Allah (swt) and His attributes. The book is also beneficial for children who are learners of Arabic as it is in both Arabic and English.


‘Allah Al- Aleem’ is a large, 40 page hardback book. It is available for purchase from the publisher Prolance.

Author: Bint Abdul Hamid

Illustrator: Zahra Gulraiz

Number of Pages: 40

Publisher: Prolance



I Will Not Clean My Room – A Book Review


Author: Saharish Arshad

Illustrator: Elsa Estrada

Number of Pages: 30

Published by: Prolance

If you are looking for an amazing, engaging and colourful book to introduce your children to Jannah ‘I will not clean my room’ is a must have for your book shelf! Within a few minutes of receiving the book, I have already read it thrice and thoroughly enjoyed it.

‘I will not clean my room’ is a cute story with a sweet rhyme. It is about a restless young boy, Musa, who is asked by his mother to clean his messy bedroom. Instead of cleaning, however, he grabs the broom and starts day dreaming about Jannah. His dreams are the dreams of every child; gazillions of toys and chocolate streams. Children (and even adults!) can relate to his wonderful imaginings and every jumpy kid will resonate with Musa as he zooms across the room. (My son said, “I am so like Musa! I can’t sit still).

The book does have a moral; ‘good deeds are worth the effort’, and it has been given in a very simple, not-too-preachy manner. The encouraging words reassure the children that Allah will help them when they start on the path to Jannah. The book also portrays the importance of helping each other, not saying rude things and working together as a family.

The author Saharish Arshad has done a remarkable job as she conveys a simple idea in a captivating manner.  She has written in the past for Little Explorer’s Magazine and this is her first published book. It is the first book in the series ‘My Journey to Jannah’. Meticulous and detailed illustrations by Elsa Estrada add colour to the story.

The book is highly recommended for every parent who wishes to instill the love of Jannah in their children, wants them to crave it and race towards it through good deeds.

The book is available for purchase from Amazon and from the publisher Prolance.